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Day by Day with David: Devotional Studies in 1St and 2Nd Samuel, Psalms

by Tommie McBrayer

The Lord, in all His goodness, never chooses to abandon us. We were all breathed life into this world for a purpose. Just as David was, we are all destined for greatness in the hands of the Lord. Day by Day with David: Devotional Studies in 1st and 2nd Samuel, Psalms by Tommie McBrayer is a thirty-day reflective journal that explores the parallels between the life of an Old Testament ruler and the lives of Christians today.

This book gives readers a peek into King David’s fortunate, yet imperfect, life; and does it with tremendous compassion for the modern Christian believer. The chapters are infused with a powerful sense of Christianity, a willingness to love one another, and a conviction in the virtue of good faith. The author does an excellent job of highlighting the connection between King David’s life and his works to the people of today. David, despite his shortcomings and success, continually professed his faith and devotion to God, and God alone. I find this book spiritually soothing with a profound sense of dignity as I, myself, is an imperfect being whose life is hanging by the grace of our Lord.

This book is ideal for all levels of spiritual readers due to its simplicity of language. As each chapter is guided by verses taken from the Bible, we become more familiar with the wisdom, faith, and humility found in the actual scriptures.

We are all flawed individuals, whether or not we accept this and confront reality is entirely up to us. With his life in the line, King David trusted God no matter what came his way, even when faced with giants like Goliath and people like Saul who wanted him dead. The story of David tells us that no matter how imperfect and unworthy we are of God’s grace, humbling ourselves upon Him and looking up to Him will grant us great wisdom and courage to face our life’s greatest battles.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Tommie McBrayer is a senior adult woman who has spent most of her life working in Christian organizations with and for several prominent religious teachers and educators.

She has taught Bible study classes for adults for more than forty years. McBrayer is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has been married to her husband for more than sixty years.