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Dear Diary – Just Thinking

by Bettie Jo Walker

God speaks to us in many ways every day, and it is easy to let ourselves be distracted from it by the incessant routine that this world throws at us for our own survival.

However, getting to the end of a day and sitting down with the Bible to imbibe ourselves with the Word of the Lord is not always an immediate teaching and enlightenment because the understanding and/or application are harder for us.

God supplies clarity for us in various ways. He uses gifted and obedient people to be His shepherds and disciples. These are the ones who can help others to grasp and experience the messages from our Father God. Bettie Jo Walker is one of those people.

The educator from California has lived much and learned just as much – and she is eager to present her experiences, thoughts, and reflections about God, His Word, and personal prayers that touched my heart with their purity and sincerity.

She is the author of Dear Diary – Just Thinking, a book that has no intention other than to share what she has lived and felt throughout her life in an attempt to show the wonders and promises of God’s Kingdom to readers of all ages and social features – from children to the elderly, from businessmen to trainees, from students to teachers, to name a few.

Walker has a very candid way of writing, so it often felt like she was talking to me as I read the book, much like a guest that visits you and has a nice chat. By that feature, I believe the book should be appreciated bit by bit – no rushed readings are needed. I separated some time to read every day, and on each day, there was something new, from personal tales to poems. I can definitely recommend Bettie Jo Walker’s Dear Diary – Just Thinking to anyone interested in having her as a Christian friend who will only bring you positive and empowering insights.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022





About the Author

“A Hope for All. I wish you love, peace, joy, and healings. Love God, love others, and love yourself with your whole heart. Make a difference for the better by sharing your love and God-given talents as you encourage those around you. Others will not have to guess that you truly care when you let them know by what you say and how you say it…What you do and how you do it. When others think of you, let them get a good feeling and Smile!”