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Down by Ol’ Chooster’s Pond

by Larry Alvord

Down by Ol’ Chooster’s Pond by author Larry Alvord is an enchanting yet adorable story about a frog of North’s Way – Rin-Ridley, a duck – Waggley-wack, and the friendliest cricket – Rickety-Crick. It revolves around the trio tackling Chooster, the farmer and the meanest and grumpiest ol’ bulldog Browderly Bog by Chooster’s Creek to get the last summer dip in the pond and builds around the adventure and actions that take place in the process.

The story is extremely enjoyable and what adds to the delight is the fact that it rhymes. It flows lucidly, bringing pleasure to readers.

The unlikely friendship between a duck, a frog, and a cricket instills the concept of diversity among children and makes them understand how it can lead them to have happy times. It also instills the concept of how standing together against evil can help you overcome it while having so much fun.

The illustrations are vivid, and they bring the characters to life. I loved them and their portrayal. The language is simple and thus helps young readers glide through the text without any difficulty. The easy readability also makes reading attractive to children.

Definitely a great bedtime story for children! Also, a great addition to your library and is even perfect for gifting.

– The Moving Words Review


About the Author

Larry Alvord has been a teacher for approximately 24 years. He holds two degrees, one of which is a Masters in Special Education. Larry has long been fascinated with the children’s story- rhyme. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland.