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Review – Instrument of Justice


CB Anslie

“Instrument of Justice” by CB Anslie is a spellbinding story with mystery, supernatural elements, and the relentless pursuit of justice. The protagonist, Sevan Arkezian, is a gifted psychic massage therapist whose abilities go beyond the physical realm. When he encounters the tormented soul of Paula during a massage session, he is drawn into a dark and twisted tale of abuse, manipulation, and murder. Sevan’s journey leads him to Amber, a resilient yet distraught woman entangled in a dangerous web spun by the sinister Clay Perkins. As Sevan probes more, he unveils the harrowing secrets that bind Amber and Clay together and the deadly past that haunts them. With righteousness as the driving force, Sevan must pass through the perilous waters of deceit and malevolence to bring closure to the souls he encounters.

CB Anslie creates a book that is as emotionally gripping as it is thrilling, much like her first book, Children of Light. The psychic element introduced through the character of Sevan adds an uncommon flavor to the established mystery genre, transporting readers into a world where the ethereal intersects with the earthly. Anslie’s writing pays meticulous attention to character development. Sevan is portrayed as a compassionate and unyielding pursuer of truth, making him a protagonist that readers can root for. On the other hand, Clay is the quintessence of menace, a character whose malicious actions send ripples through the lives of everyone he touches.

The author paints vivid imagery—whether describing the eerie ambiance of a room or the heart-wrenching emotions of her characters, Anslie’s words create something that is both haunting and enthralling. The pacing is well-managed, keeping readers on the edge as the layers of deceit and villainy are peeled back with each chapter. Lastly, the narrative deals with heavy themes of abuse and psychological torment with sensitivity, which really makes you appreciate the strength of the human spirit even in the face of overwhelming darkness.

“Instrument of Justice” leaves a lasting impression. CB Anslie delivers a moving story that subtly emphasizes the ripple effect of actions—our deeds, good or bad, have a far-reaching impact on the lives of others. The kind nature of Sevan represents the significance of empathy towards those who are battling inner demons, showcasing that a helping hand can be a flicker of hope in someone’s life. This book is not only a tale of rescue but also a reflective journey into the characteristics of good, evil, and the enduring essence of justice and hope.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024