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LOVING A BEAUTIFUL MIND: Schizophrenia and an Amazing God!

by Carolyn T. Linn

Have you ever wondered what life is like for individuals who suffer from mental illnesses? Facing reality with an unpredictable mind is a challenge not for the bearer alone but for the people around them as well.

An awe-striking journal of a wife who battled her husband’s mental instability, Loving a Beautiful Mind; Schizophrenia and an amazing God! by Carolyn T Linn, is the documented story of a brilliant man, Maynard, whose life was tremendously affected by Schizophrenia.

This mental disorder originates from a chemical imbalance of the brain. While Schizophrenia is a known concept today, the studies that supported patients with this condition were uncommon when the author first encountered it. I couldn’t imagine how devastating life was for the family to have endured such a challenge. Fortunately, through God’s grace, it took a mental professional, some medicine, and immense faith in the Lord in assisting the couple through this stigma-filled battle.

This book, written with sincerity, tells a tale that is both engrossing and factual. Mental illness still causes dread in people’s lives and the people around them. This concern is palpable even in our modern times. As faith would have it, Carolyn and Maynard managed to hold on to the Lord despite every evil that came their way.

With the help of this book, readers will learn the essence of spirituality while facing an unseen intimidating foe. Throughout each chapter, the author makes this clearly apparent by recounting events from her own experiences with the battle against her husband’s illness.  Because of the dates provided, I was able to witness how Maynard’s health improved, fluctuated, and finally settled down into eternal rest.

With a nice stretch in the couple’s life, this memoir is a breeze to get through. When it comes to revealing her most sensitive thoughts and strategies for overcoming life’s disappointments, the author has outdone herself. Mental illness is something that no other people can treat. Only you have the ability to restore your own mental conditions. Above all else, Faith in God will keep us alive and thriving in this unpredictable world.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Carolyn T. Linn already described the wonders of life after death in the inspiring book, Heaven is Amazing! She can imagine her husband in an incredible environment of peace, joy and beauty, surrounding the throne of God with Jesus Christ His Son! She knows she will see him again!

In Loving a Beautiful Mind, Carolyn tells the gripping story of her life with a schizophrenic husband and the faith that sustained them through forty years of marriage. The author is a retired educator and banker who enjoys travel, art and volunteer work. She lives in Fresno, California.