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People of God- One and All: Saints and Sinners

by Edith Close-Vaziri

The three most important virtues for Christians to live out are faith, hope, and love. Our spiritual obligations to God are grounded in virtues so that we may better serve Him. What we do as members of our church, as directed by divine scripture, dictates who we are and what we are beyond our church. However, sin brings so much sorrow to people.

The agony brought upon by evil deeds drives people wandering around the world feeling lost.

People of God- One and All: Saints and Sinners by Edith A. Close-Vaziri, is a marvelous collection of poems that excels in expressing monologues and conversations in the most interesting way.

The pieces are provided with biblical references for further readings and, for some, images, allowing the readers to indulge in the biblical concepts that the author used to give context to the poem. This is not the only great thing about this piece of literature though. Who is a sinner? And who is a saint? The book entails the different
perspectives of both sinners and saints by utilizing various emotions
and intent at every piece.

Through each page, exchanging perspectives of peace and chaos lights up readers with a fascinating view of life. It also instigates how to deal with flaws and imperfections, as well as blessings and success as a good Christian would. This being said, I have never encountered a book so engaging and full of insight! What makes this book so captivating to the Christian reader is that it helps them learn more about the people whose lives are in the Bible, which increases reader understanding of their Biblical characters. Close-Vaziri further perfected this book through her incredible yet simple writing patterns that easily capture her readers’ hearts and minds.

This is a book of true spiritual wonders! Experience a compelling narrative of how early and modern Christians perceive and interpret their lives as the people of God. The comparison between sinners and saints, those who differ not, is made evident in this book.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Edith Close-Vaziri was an elementary school teacher for 41 years in her native state of California and achieved National Board Certification.

She writes poetry inspired by the Holy Spirit, many times with an instructional focus. In retirement, she quilts, reads, does genealogy, and actively participates in church activities.