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Sex, Science, Society, and Reproduction

by Barry S. Verkauf

A lot has changed in the recent decades. From the boomer generation to the millennials of now, the way people behave and make decisions throughout their lives has been more and more influenced by scientific advances and developments in conception and contraception.

The roles of women, men, and their children are now incredibly different than those of people from the 1800s. What is good and bad in it is up for personal discussion, but Dr. Barry S. Verkauf offers the reader a detailed, scientific and interesting approach to the numbers, facts, and concepts that allow the readers to have a glimpse of what the future can bring for humans as a reproductive and societal species and come to their own conclusions on the subject.

Dr. Verkauf’s book, Sex, Science, Society, and Reproduction: The pill that changed America, is a very well-illustrated trip through everything you want to know about the history of contraception and fertility, the developments in the area through the years, and the impact of such developments on the American and western societies.

The author uses his own experience and knowledge as a solid basis to deliver a pack of indispensable information that makes his book valuable to fertility and infertility available with a full panorama of contraception, all for an affordable price.

Now, if it sounds as if Dr. Verkauf’s book has too much information and could be a difficult read, think again – the doctor has a way with words that makes the reading experience very light and pleasant. He uses many pictures to demonstrate statistics, but also to simply show the reader tidbits of contraceptive methods and their effects on families, the mainstream media, and personal decisions. Needless to say, the author’s skillful approach makes Sex, Science, Society, and Reproduction: The pill that changed America a must-read for adults of all ages and areas of expertise – and it is perfect for students who are into obstetrics and gynecology. Also, as mentioned above, even readers from other western countries can enjoy the read, since America’s 1940s-2020s behavior, culture, and scientific research have been reflected in many western countries and shaped their views on fertility and infertility choices.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022