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by Tauheed S Burke

Is there a formula for success? Many entrepreneurial coaches will tell you so, belittling what you are and trying to shape you into a frame of impossible goals, and when you fail, they will say you lack willpower. To them, it makes no difference if you succeed or not – they have already granted their sale.

I am delighted to say that Succeed Anyway! by Tauheed S. Burke is not one of those shady books. It can teach you to do just that: succeed, no matter what, and I was really pleased to see what a fresh take the author has on the subject.

The book is an Entrepreneur Development Manual based on the author’s story and examples of other highly successful people, filled with tangible goals to achieve success in your business through the planning of a clear vision and the discipline of following the foolproof steps to get you there, but with a very personal twist.

Burke has a lot of background to back his claim: he had particularly tough years in his early life in Baltimore that would make anybody doubt he would ever have a chance at finding financial prosperity.

His struggles are told in the book not as a victimizing and self-idolizing tool but as the foundations to why you too can obtain success in your personal and professional life. His words are not empty jargons to make you buy the book and then leave you hanging.

Now, as this book states in its very well-written and detailed paragraphs, the hunt for greatness is a lifetime journey. That means it is not something you can quickly get in a few months or so, and you won’t find that illusion offered to you in any of the just about 80 pages of this succinct manual for success. However, it doesn’t mean it can take many years to come, either – the book reinforces that you can be successful constantly, as long as you keep your life on the required path.

I have learned much by reading Succeed Anyway and have already put the principles in practice, with a 100% certainty that I can succeed even in difficult circumstances.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022