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Review – The Bird Who Forgot To Fly South


Althea Lemme

“It takes a village” is often used when discussing raising children. When the help of others comes to you in your time of need, it’s done from a place of love and community. It’s never too early, for our children, to learn such a simple lesson of giving and gratitude.

The Bird Who Forgot to Fly South is a simple story that lives up to its name. There’s no mystery to solve, no surprise ending, or anything at all unexpected. This book is a story for a young child, written to entertain and enlighten.

Inside these pages are fun and colorful illustrations full of many familiar activities and animals. Young children can easily picture themselves on the pages and join in some Fall season fun. The bustling activities of people on the pages can be familiar and relatable to many children who either will read the book or have it read to them. The people, however, are not the stars of the story. Deep in the forest the animals of land and sky are also engaging in Fall activities and preparing for Winter. Like their human counterparts, they also believe in community and helping. The lesson of helping others and the value of friendship are woven throughout the book’s pages.

At the story’s end, reflective questions encourage young readers to review the content and engage in critical thinking about the animals. The Bird Who Forgot to Fly South is a cute little story for a young children to enjoy but will also help foster a message of love and camaraderie. When many hands come together, even those unlike ours, tasks become easier and more achievable

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024