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The Holy Spirit Calling

by A. L. Istener

The Holy Spirit Calling: A 40-Year Journey with the Holy Spirit by A.L. Istener is a book of Divine Energy. It is a collection of ‘words’ from the Holy Spirit received from the prayers of the author. The author has been receiving this heavenly wisdom for more than 40 years. She puts together all the knowledge she received over these years in this book.

These words are sent for a purpose. It is meant to be kept and presented to a wider audience. The Holy Spirit is always trying to speak with us. We are always praying for our needs. We never try to listen. Those who listen shall hear. This is the truest testimony of this fact.

Everything we need is already here. Every bit of knowledge we will ever need is here. But only few people can see it. Those who see it and understand are the chosen ones. Then they will start to glow with that knowledge. They could find the
presence of God within themselves and others. The Divine Power flows
through them. While reading these verses, we can feel that energy. It is
the pure form of love.

These verses deal with a wide range of subjects. We can find the answer to every dilemma here. These are the deepest essays on pain, doubt, weakness, suffering and fear. The Holy Spirit addresses all our shortcomings and presents the solutions to us. These words convey strength to the readers. It encourages, supports and confirms our soul.

You cannot read this book absentmindedly. You have to stop at each page and think about the underlying meaning of those words. When you meditate on them, you can unfold their hidden layers. Each of them is filled with pure joy, love and peace. Let that eternal light flow inside you. Jesus loves His children and He mediates our sufferings. These are the guiding words from the Heavenly Father. Read them and understand them. This will light your path brighter than ever.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Dr. Nix has been a Catholic Lay Minister for the past 28 years. She Dr. Nix has been a member of Chaminade-Nativity Community of Faith since 1999, currently serving on the Pastoral Team. She is the mother of 5 and has been working professionally as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for the past 43 years in the field of mental health. Educationally Dr. Nix has earned Master’s degrees in Social Work and Religious Studies as well as a Doctorate in Social Work.