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The Match

by Jane E. Dickerson and Jack Seyferth

School is one of the biggest memory contributors in our lives. We all have our own stories to tell with troubles along the way. According to our little Jack, school is nothing but a waste of time as it’s useless in the long run. The book, The Match: Jack vs. School by Jane E. Dickerson and Jack Seyferth presents us with a true story that will motivate your kids to look forward to being in school.

It’s all about how Jack has to learn through the challenges to understand the importance of school. Together with his Grammy, his fun-filled adventures serve as a heads up on the roller-coaster ride school has to offer. The story allows a nostalgic feeling to develop upon reading into the pages.

It’s similar to reading one’s diary while smiling at every core memory — the difficulty in getting up early, the giddiness in sending cards to crushes, the courage in facing bullies, and the excitement in joining field trips. Of course, kids and teens will always have something to say against school, but the book inhibits such thoughts and comments by giving them a glimpse of how school life actually is and how situations should be handled.

The illustrations drawn and the words written appear in the book as if it’s an actual diary to make the reading experience completely entertaining and inviting. The emotions of a child writing about his day are definitely felt in every chapter.

The authors’ word choices and sentence constructions are centered on those normally used by modern kids to keep the readers fully engaged with the story. The entire book is written from Jack’s point of view as if Jack is conversing with the readers. Idiomatic expressions are even explained well in the story. This book aids in the improvement of one’s communication skills as it utilizes both basic and modern terms. The Match: Jack vs. School is not only an enjoyable read for both kids, teens, and adults, it’s also a great way to refine the English vocabulary. Undoubtedly, the book is a great instrument to learn while reminiscing meaningful memories. Indeed, a must-have!

– The Moving Words Review


About the Author

Jane E. Dickerson is a retired teacher and former radio/television, writer/producer of shows for children such as The Filling Station which won 10 national awards (8 Angel Awards, 1 A.C.E. Award, and 1 Religious Broadcasting Award) in the 1980’s. Currently she tutors, writes books and develops curriculum materials. She is the writer and developer of the Hands of Champions math program, the Laurel with a Moral collection of children’s stories, Genesis in Poetic Verse, and The Mustache, a Love Story. Her latest book, The Match, was written with her 9-yr old grandson. She also writes songs, including 2 musicals: The Family Album and The Five Colors of Multiplication (for school performances).