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Review – Thy Will O Lord (3rd Edition)



In his profoundly introspective work, “Thy Will O Lord,” Rabiu Elijah Omolaja opens a window into a soul’s journey toward spiritual enlightenment and acceptance. Subtitled “My Imperfections & the Grace of God Revealed,” the book meticulously examines the author’s spiritual odyssey, addressing how one navigates the turbulent waters of human fallibility through a reliance on a higher power.

The book serves as a spiritual memoir, chronicling Omolaja’s personal experiences, revelations, and struggles. At its core, “Thy Will O Lord” is an earnest quest for understanding one’s place in the grand scheme of life and the universe, and reconciling that with the belief in an omnipotent, benevolent Creator. It is framed as a series of reflections and contemplations, each intended to shed light on different aspects of spirituality. While maintaining a respectful distance from divulging the specifics that could act as spoilers, it’s safe to say that the narrative provides a roadmap for anyone interested in embarking on a similar spiritual quest.

Omolaja’s writing is cerebral and inviting, encouraging the reader to not just skim the surface but to delve deep into the philosophical and theological aspects of spirituality. He raises questions that resonate universally, regardless of religious affiliation. One of the standout features of the book is its raw, unfiltered honesty. The author is not afraid to disclose his own imperfections, making the reader feel less alone in their spiritual struggles.

The book is well-written, with a clear structure and flow that makes it easy to follow, yet challenging enough to stimulate intellectual and spiritual thought. The language is sophisticated, but not to the point where it becomes inaccessible. While the book clearly comes from a place of deep faith, it does not shy away from addressing the doubts and questions that naturally arise in the human mind. This balance makes it relatable to a broader audience. Although rooted in specific religious beliefs, the concepts explored have a universal quality. They touch on the human condition in a way that is meaningful to people from various backgrounds.

The book has an emotional depth that complements its intellectual rigor. Omolaja’s journey is not just a cognitive exercise but a deeply felt experience, which he succeeds in conveying to the reader.

“Thy Will O Lord” is a potent work that manages to be both personal and universal. It is a compelling narrative, packed with insights that challenge and enlighten. For anyone grappling with the larger questions of human existence and the role of a higher power, this book serves as a thought-provoking guide. Its well-crafted prose and balanced viewpoints make it a worthwhile read for those interested in exploring the intricate relationship between human imperfection and divine grace.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2025