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Tock A Tick

by Ryke Leigh Douglas

Letting go of the objects that are notable in our hearts can be pretty tough. An attachment to such things can affect our dispositions in our daily life. Even the tiniest material can mean so much and is strenuous to let go of.

We all have a fair share of experience of struggling to bid our goodbyes to something that’s been with us for too long and continues to spark joy.

Gustav is among many of us. Tock-a-Tick by Ryke Leigh Douglas shows us what it means to come up with clever ideas and make brave decisions. It’s all a matter of picking what’s best regardless of the circumstances we have to face.

Now, is Gustav ready to take on this personal trial? The book is in its optimum shape in terms of story flow, word choice, message, and even illustrations. All the ingredients needed to make a children’s book in its snatched state are found in this lovely piece of
written art.

The vibrantly detailed illustrations make the scenarios inviting, fueling up every reader’s level of imagination. Even an adult would want to keep reading to see how the story goes. It’s that enticing!

It’s a brief story that feels like a best-selling novel due to the events making us feel the gush of thrill and excitement altogether. Surely, you’ll be torn between skipping to the last part to see how it ends and staying at the current page to see how it goes. It’s not complicated to understand because the author utilized a writing style that’s pleasing to read. Both children, teens, and adults will enjoy this book and learn from it.

Reading is a great way to pass the time. Reading Tock-a-Tick, on the other hand, makes the tick-tock of time extremely worthwhile!

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022



About the Author

Ryke Leigh Douglas is a veteran educator devoted to helping children discover the joy of reading and the magic of books. She holds an M.A. as a reading specialist from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Ms. Douglas strives to provide parents and teachers with entertaining stories that lend themselves to nurturing positive attitudes, good character traits, and creative thinking.

When she isn’t writing Ms. Douglas enjoys visiting schools, museums, libraries and early learning centers to share her stories and encourage children to develop their own writing skills with a program she developed entitled The Writer’s Tool Box.

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