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Where Is My Home?

by R. B. Raikow

“Home is a place where the heart is” is an old maxim that has been said time and again throughout many generations. It entails the meaning that our homes are where we truly desire to be. However, what happens when you get separated from your home?

What happens when your family is taken away from you and you are left alone? Is home truly a place?

Join an intricate and gripping journey, centered around Karl, an Ethnic German boy, who was taken away from his family to serve the Nazi cause, and Rachel, a Jewish girl, who was saved by Karl from a Nazi raid. Follow this couple of teenagers through their perilous adventure in the shambles left in Czechoslovakia right after World War II.

Come face to face with realistic and appalling experiences brought about the post-war Communist atrocities in the Czech Republic, where powerful men were terrorizing the native populations.

Although dealing with fictional characters, the book provides readers historically authentic details. However, the hardships the young couple experiences fail to extinguish the love that grows between them.

Where Is My Home? by R.B. Raikow depicts the new beginnings of a couple who must address the uncertainties of their world. In their adventure, they find a lot of things that either hinder them or propel them forward. This book is one of a kind!

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022



About the Author

Radmila Boruvkova Raikow was born in Prague and spent her early childhood there during the Nazi and Communist occupations.

She and her family immigrated to the US to escape Stalinist persecutions. She studied biology and New York University and Brooklyn College and received a Ph.D. in genetics and UC Berkeley.

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