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Yeshua: God is Thinking about You More than You Think

by Corey Lautamus

Be aware of God’s love: that is the main message we can find in YESHUA – God is Thinking About You More Than You Think, a book by Christian scholar Corey Lautamus. The author calls us to heed not to his words only, but rather to His Word, the Word of God we soothe our wounds in, and that is more than often misunderstood.

We’re invited to observe and perceive Jesus’s role and true meaning – not through theoretical lenses, which are prone to see in the Word a plethora of interpretations that may best suit the reader, but through purely biblical insights and pieces of evidence that come from the words of the prophets themselves. This book is a great work of exegesis, based on the author’s extensive and certifiable knowledge.

The author brings to light a whole new look into passages such as the speech in the Gethsemane garden and the Passion of the Christ, letting the readers know that while Jesus is God-made human, He is also the Lord Himself and should be heard as such.

Yeshua’s suffering, for example, is usually understood as tribulations that He didn’t want to go through. The author shows us that the Bible itself and its prophets have the proof that we must never forget that Yeshua is God, so the Passion was an event embraced and yearned by Him as it would save our souls.

How can we not revere and worship Yeshua, then, with ten-fold more intensity, after learning the infinitely wide scope of His love and justice? That is the question that the author proposes for us while guiding our understanding and adding layers upon layers of a new reverence for the Lord in his light and easy-to-read book: YESHUA – God is Thinking About You More Than You Think.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022



About the Author

Corey has the gift of exegesis, that is, to follow the Scripture and give it meaning. He has a passion to help people understand the Bible.

He has a B.A. in Christian studies and has taken some Master’s level courses in Old Testament.