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Rich McDonough

Immerse yourself in the whirlwind romance between Princess Diana and Rich, an intrepid American detective. Set against the backdrop of 1993 Cincinnati, this captivating narrative reveals their clandestine journey to rescue a kidnapped child. Bound by danger and driven by courage, their professional partnership blossoms into a forbidden love affair that challenges royal duties and personal ethics. McDonough’s tale offers a riveting exploration of loyalty, sacrifice, and the enthralling power of love. Will their star-crossed passion transcend the constraints of reality? Join their unforgettable adventure to find out.



An Adventurous True Love Story of Princess Diana and her Rogue Private Eye in Cincinnati


All the world needed to know of Diana’s fearless efforts in finding the kidnapped child. And in the course of this, as well as the observed many dangerous drug deals go down involving the bio-dad and the Cartel, in the course of all her surveillances of the kidnapping. Diana risking herself in the adventurous search for the child was imminent and continued on. Rich was very proud of Diana, and in their time working together in the 1993 period, with Rich’s love, trust and belief in telling of the rest of those dangerous times.

“We both knew our Love Affair would only Happen once”

“While working together now, but afterwards – never ever be with one another again. Because of who we were, and or Were Not! If, Diana and Charles remained married, Diana was in line for Royalty, as the Queen and wife of the next King of England, at that event

“There was no doubt, we would become ‘derailed’ because of the differences in our life styles and positions in life.” Princess Diana, the next Queen and Rich a lowly private Eye. “Won’t Work!”

As well when you consider Rich, a middle-aged womanizer meeting his match with Princess Diana, it all becomes like Autumn in New York a rare, precious, and fragile romance bloomed, that was forbidden and Can’t Last.”

The Moving Words Review:

In “An Adventurous True Love Story of Princess Diana and her Rogue Private Eye in Cincinnati,” Rich McDonough takes readers on an account of romance, mystery, and adventure. The book begins with McDonough introducing himself as the rogue private eye hired to recover a kidnapped child, a task that unexpectedly leads him to Princess Diana. McDonough’s narrative style draws readers into his world, where he shares intimate details of his encounters with the iconic princess. His writing is honest and heartfelt, allowing readers to glimpse the depth of his emotions and the complexity of his relationship with Diana.

Rich reminisces about his past encounters with Diana in 1993. He recalls their clandestine meetings and the deep emotional connection they shared, despite their differences in social status. Rich describes Diana as a woman longing for freedom from her royal obligations and seeking moments of normalcy in her life. Their relationship evolves from professional collaboration to a deep love affair, hidden from the public eye. As they face dangerous situations together and explore their feelings, Rich grapples with his own past and the loss of his late wife, Ethel. Despite the odds stacked against them, Rich and Diana find solace and passion in each other’s company.

What challenges will Rich and Diana face as they pursue their forbidden love? And how will their intense connection impact their lives? Despite their strong bond, they knew their relationship could not last due to their different life circumstances. What secrets and revelations await as Rich uncovers the truth behind the kidnapping?

The book wraps up the author’s thoughts and reflections on adventure, coincidence, and the unique love story between the author and Princess Diana. It’s an interesting blend of personal reflection and storytelling. McDonough has the ability to blend real-life events with elements of the supernatural. He explores the concept of reincarnation, suggesting that Princess Diana and Ethel are actually the same soul inhabiting different bodies. McDonough’s musings on the nature of interconnectedness of events invites readers to ponder the mysteries of life and destiny.

Another highlight is the book’s portrayal of Princess Diana. McDonough paints her as a complex and multifaceted individual, mentioning her kindness, intelligence, and the struggles she faced in her personal life. McDonough’s deep admiration and love for Diana shine through his words, creating a touching tribute to the beloved princess.

McDonough’s storytelling in “An Adventurous True Love Story of Princess Diana and her Rogue Private Eye in Cincinnati” is powerful, and his insights into love, fate, and the human experience really captivates.

– The Moving Words Review