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Rocking Dog Between Door


Loretta Adu

Ghanaian writer Loretta Adu writes a short book on the conflict between two dogs. In “Rocking Dog Between Door,” the book is accompanied by colorful illustrations, which makes it an eye-catching read.

A stray dog breaks into a house through a doggy door. A house dog notices their entrance and immediately breaks out of its cage. A few moments later, the two fought over a single bone, with the stray dog eventually winning. Even though the stray dog won their prize, readers will find that there are still plenty of bones left—making this conflict unnecessary and silly overall.

The book is written with simple phrases and free-flowing verses, making it a simple read for beginners. Children who communicate with simple terms and questions will find the words easy to follow and read out loud. They might also find it funny to see two dogs fighting over a bone, even when there’s plenty to go around!

Parents and playschool teachers may find this book helpful for their little ones. With fun illustrations, fun words, and silly dogs—this brief read is a lovely starter for any child learning to speak.

To make the most out of the book, consider adding a short lesson on why sharing is essential. Since humans are not dogs, we don’t have to use aggression to take what we believe is ours. Nevertheless, we do tend to fight over something even when we have plenty of it left!

Accompany this lesson with a brief roleplaying activity, so you can get your little ones to interact with the story with others. Once children understand the value of sharing—we’ll find better solutions in making friends and avoiding unnecessary fights. You can also ask them situational questions like, “Why is sharing important?” or “Why are the dogs fighting?” to test their critical thinking skills. Considering it’s a brief read, creating an activity can help your little ones understand its lesson better.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023