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TMW Review – Taos Winter

by Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows “Taos Winter” by Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows is a heartwarming novel that intricately weaves the themes of love, cultural identity, and self-discovery.

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Review – Paradise Disrupted

by Patricia Jensen Paradise Disrupted by Patricia Jensen is a richly woven narrative exploring the complexities of human emotions and relationships set against the backdrop

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The Point of Life

by Scott Jameson Sanders In “The Point of Life” by Scott Jameson Sanders, readers are invited into a story that connects elements of family, love,

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Hero Of Her Heart

by Michele Wallace Campanelli While typically associated with extraordinary bravery or valor, “Hero Of Her Heart” redefines “hero” to encompass a broader concept. Here, a

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by David Scott Joshua Rand is a twenty-six-year-old citizen who had just enlisted in the United States Army. After a failed pet grooming business with

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