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TMW Book Reviews

Running All Over The World: Our Race Against Early-
Onset Alzheimer's

by Anthony Copeland-Parker

Anthony “Tony” Copeland-Parker delivers a unique yet unforgettable book in “Running All Over The World: Our Race Against Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.” Initially, a blog that has since turned into a book, his story offers an account covering a wide range of topics. The topics include traveling, his open-heart operation, his partner’s early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and how he manages his daily expenses of being a nomad.

As an ex-pilot with more than his fair share of traveling from one place to another, he offers a fresher perspective on his life as a traveler once he retired early. As you go through the book, you can practically feel the sights and sounds of several locations, including Madagascar, Bhutan, and the Great Wall of China. He also offers handy tips on where to get a more personalized itinerary and where to get travel insurance at your convenience.

Nevertheless, while the locations are something to be awestruck by, another thing we should keep in mind is Catherine’s perseverance.

Despite being relatively young when she received her diagnosis, she handled the news with grace and strength that not many of us possess. Tony, who also has an admirable inner strength, describes his heart operation and how his body managed to deal with the after-effects of the surgery.

The book is full of several gems along the way, but what struck me the most was how they handled their health consistently. Many of these tips are something we hear daily, but unlike most of us, the two of them were able to put such words into action. The amount of effort, being diligent with our lifestyle, and being health conscious can make a huge difference in our lives. The hardest part is starting and staying committed.

As I read through the pages, I couldn’t help but admire their relationship and how they achieved the dream of traveling the world. Despite the obstacles along the way, Tony has made it a point that to achieve such things is like a marathon—it takes time and a will to endure that can make all the difference.

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