Author Spotlight

Ryke Leigh Douglas

Ryke Leigh Douglas is a veteran educator devoted to helping children discover the joy of reading and the magic of books. She holds an M.A. as a reading specialist from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Ms. Douglas strives to provide parents and teachers with entertaining stories that lend themselves to nurturing positive attitudes, good character traits, and creative thinking.

When she isn’t writing Ms. Douglas enjoys visiting schools, museums, libraries and early learning centers to share her stories and encourage children to develop their own writing skills with a program she developed entitled The Writer’s Tool Box.


The Princess and the Swan

“How will I ever find a husband, Father? Am I never to be wed?” asks the beautiful Princess Wendelyn, who lives on an island in the Mystic Sea.

The princess dreams of finding a handsome prince to marry, but there are no noble men in her father’s kingdom, who are worthy of her hand.

Read to learn what she does in order to find her handsome prince. Will she be successful?

The story in this book is a heart-warming fairy tale much akin to those of simpler times of after-school afternoons in our childhood – and it brings back those very same feelings of wonder of yore, with fantastical worlds, magical beings, and happy endings. In these days where our children and teenagers are faced with harsher realities than we had in our childhoods, The Princess and the Swan is a balm of spiritual tranquility and a chance of dreaming – both things that kids nowadays have been increasingly deprived of. And it’s not about drenching our kids in illusions – it’s just about telling a story that allows them to be pure and imaginative children, and The Princess and the Swan offers exactly that. The illustrations are simply wonderful with variety of colors and shades.

– The Moving Words Review

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Molly The Trolley And Bud

This story takes place in an era of our history when trolleys were an important part of everyday life and valued for their usefulness. Electric trolleys were only around for a short time but as an introduction to mass transportation, their impact on our society was significant. This story blends entertaining text with educational content to describe how the fate of one trolley car is changed because of a promise. The bond of love and friendship between the trolley and a boy named Bud ultimately prevents the destruction of the trolley, once she is no longer considered useful. Molly The Trolley And Bud would make a good compliment to a unit on transportation at the second and third grade levels.

Molly the Trolley and Bud is a brief story that apprises the readers with friendship, trust, and promises. It gets us asking, “How much can I rely on my closest friend when I need him/her the most?” Life is not always jolly and sunny. It can be pretty tough dealing with bad days alone. The book is a reminder of how blessed we are with bonds that are unbreakable way more than we thought they would be. Not only that, but it also provides educational content on transportation. 

– The Moving Words Review

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