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Sam's Surprise

by Ryke Leigh Douglas

Pets are an amazing addition to a family. The joy of having creatures to look after and the immense experience of their wordless form of affection can’t compare to anything else in this world! Although raising a pet is fun and sweet, it’s not always as swift as it appears. There are plenty of challenges and drawbacks that occur upon raising them that can sometimes be pretty draining but in the end, the love and companionship are definitely beyond amazing. Sam’s Surprise by Ryke Leigh Douglas is an entertaining work that allows us to encounter the kids’ roller coaster journey in raising their beloved animal baby. It’s the perfect reminder that pets have to be taken care of too.

Ryke, without fail, continues to wow me with her stories. Every time I read a piece of hers, I am delighted with the scenes and true-to-life details despite it being a work of fiction. Sam’s Surprise may be a children’s book yet it’s pretty amusing for a young adult like me as I go through the pages. The important messages are clear and the humor is on point. The word choice is also perfect for children as it’s not complicated to comprehend. The illustrations vibrantly drawn by Kevin Collier allow every moment of the book to come alive. The colors of the illustrations are not straining to the eyes too!

I am genuinely happy with this read. It’s perfect for kids and young adults who enjoy books that involve caring for pets. This is also useful for parents who want to teach children about the responsibilities of raising animals.  

A fun and educational time with Ryke’s lovely piece, Sam’s Surprise.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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