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Scattered Changes: Step Ladder Changes

by Ollie R. Marshall


Poetry is a way of touching the soul through the magic of words. It has always been that way for me. It’s like escaping reality by entering a different dimension that still shows us reality but making us feel like it’s out of our grasp. Ollie Marshall-Rico made an ethereal connection with me by writing Scattered Changes. The poems speak a fathomless beauty and pain, allowing emotions to untie themselves from within and roam freely over me. Expression had never felt this relieving until I found the perfect book.

The book comprises many powerful poems that denote the encounters that plenty of people can relate to. The topics range from happy, sad, exciting, hopeful, and even to death poetries. Ollie, an incredible poet, did not settle for basic language. She made sure that every line speaks great volume. There weren’t any errors that would stir up confusion; a clean output indeed. An outstanding poetry book is made for those who long to read with patience and comprehension beyond simple words, and Ollie just made a lovely one. Among her poems, I strongly fancy the one entitled, “Lacking.”

It struck me the most because it became the non-verbal voice I needed to hear for myself. In the silence, it made me realize that the barrier I built made me lack the courage to break down the walls of yesterday’s pain. There are several more poems that touched me deeply but I think it is best that you discover them on your own and let the experience take you further than a sneak peek I could give.

Overall, it’s an astounding book of emotions. Every page is a light-year away from emptiness. Complex situations are conveyed in a manner that can easily be understood. I finished the book but I want to keep reading it over again and feel a different feeling every time. Even readers that aren’t fans of poems will surely give this book an eleven out of ten rating! Have your feet swept away with Scattered Changes now!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023