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Season with My Savior

by Amy Jo Wrobel

Seasons with My Savior by Amy Jo Wrobel is a Christian devotional journal that beautifully scripts the author’s journey of finding her faith in all ups and downs of life. Faith is divine. It uplifts the devotee in ways that no one can imagine. The Divine Hands have the power to help the needy and support us in every vulnerable moment. God will show the right path if you truly believe in Him. This journal is a testimony to this fact.

Throughout this journal, the author recollects the kindness that was showered upon her by the Lord. Be in poverty or sickness, the Lord heals the body and spirit with His heavenly blessing.

Life is a cycle. We have to pedal through happiness, pain, anxiety, suffering, sadness to move forward. They are the different seasons which will repeat one after another in our lives. No hardship is permanent. We have to move forward and experience each of them.

Sometimes the journey will become too hard and it will not allow us to move an inch. In those moments, we have to find our inner strength that shapes a common man into a warrior.

The source of that inner strength will come up from within. It is called faith. On each page, the author remembers a single incident from her life on how God has mediated her suffering almost miraculously. She begins by citing a Bible verse that she found helpful on those trying times. Through those scriptures, she finds God’s grace in her life and others. She is grateful for the kindness that was showered upon her. This makes her humbler and kinder every day. She pours this godly energy through these pages. After every second journal entries, the author has left some questions for the readers to answer. Along with this, the author also urges us to believe and write a prayer wholeheartedly to the Lord.

These journal entries not only make us think but also help us to find our inner peace. We can easily relate to the author’s experience and this ignites a flame of hope inside our soul. With this newfound light, we can move forward better than ever.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Amy Jo Wrobel is wife to Dave, mom to Kylie and Lillie, mother in love to Grant (who married Kylie), and kitty grandma to two cats. She has been a full-time piano teacher for 27 years at the Piano Forte Studio.

Amy Jo loves gardening barefoot, sharing the flowers in her garden with visitors, baking cheesecake, and sitting by bodies of water in quiet contemplation.

Her favorite activities often include her family as they hike mountain paths, road trip to the sights and wonders of the Midwest, and sit around a roaring fire under the stars.