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Seeing Eye Girl: A Memoir of Madness,
Resilience, and Hope

by Beverly J. Armento

“I’ve gotten used to the silence in our home. In some ways, I find it comforting. The silence is a huge void that allows me to retreat to the worlds of my books and my daydreams.”


Beverly J. Armento pens a tale of what it means to be a caregiver. Born to a mother with a rare eye condition and an Italian father, Beverly’s first five years were filled with joy, hope, and the possibilities of a brighter future.


Unfortunately, such dreams and hopes were dashed when her parents’ marriage crumbled. After her father left and her mother’s sight worsened over time, Beverly must now take the reins of keeping the family together. All while her family welcomes a new father figure and brothers.


The book is an autobiographical masterpiece of maternal abuse, mental illness, and the struggles of poverty while growing up.

As Beverly copes with the obstacles of growing up and coming into her own as a teacher, she relays observations and experiences that make fellow abuse victims feel less alone.

Her story is poignant yet hopeful. While she considers herself as having two sides—”weak” Beverly and “strong” Beverly, I can’t imagine how anyone would think of her as less than fearless. There is no doubt that as I finished the book, her story will forever linger in my mind. Her vivid descriptions of her struggles, feelings, and dreams are palpable. Like her younger self—she has a talent for writing, which only improved as the years passed.

In short, this book is a must-read, especially if you are a person who has struggled with similar issues. In that case, the author’s story may just help you take the first step towards liberating yourself from such struggles.

– The Moving Words Review

WINNER: The Most Moving Book 2023 Award