Our work is based on the challenges of authors. We act as if it’s our own book.

Press Release Campaign. Making noise while marketing your book through Publicity, using the power of the Media… Our professional news editor will write a captivating article about you and your book in a press release statement. Then we will submit the said article to online media outlets including Google News, Yahoo and Bing.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the many press release campaigns we did for our authors which appeared on Google News:

Author Website. A personalized website, professionally done, would definitely give an impression to book buyers that you’re really serious about what you do as an author. You can personalize the site name like Essential web pages are present such as About The Author, Buy Now and Contact. Blog Page is also included where you can upload your journal, pictures and videos with the ability to share your content to Social Media sites.

See the websites we’ve made for our authors:
Kitty McCaffrey
Melba K. Wiggins
Slaves Masters Traders
Earl Fee
Garret Godwin

Google Targeted Advertising. is the most visited website in the world. Almost all people use google when they search for something on the internet. What’s our strategy? We’ll have your book reviewed. Along with the cover picture and link to purchase, we will then advertise your book review to targeted people who are using Google search engine. With your book review as our guide, we would know who would be your best potential buyers based on location, age, interest, topic and keywords.

Facebook Targeted Advertising. As of 2020, approximately seven out of ten American adults use Facebook. So that’s about 69% of the entire US population. The same drill… We’ll have your book reviewed. Along with the book cover picture and the link to purchase, we will then advertise your book review to targeted Facebook account holders based on location, age and interest.

Book Trailer. Book Trailer is like a teaser or commercial about your book in the form of a high-definition video with moving text, graphics and real videos of people and scenes. There’s background music to make the video more appealing. The 60 second trailer will let the viewers see a glimpse of your book and the highlights of the story.

See the trailers we’ve made for our authors:

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