Our work is based on the challenges of authors. We act as if it’s our own book.

Kirkus, our business review partner, is a famous New York-based company that is considered to be the world’s most influential book critic for self-published books. Their reviews are highly trusted by book buyers, bookstore owners, literary and film agents for many years now. Their professional reviews are unbiased and honest which are highly influential to the buying decisions of book investors.

Press Release Campaign. Making noise while marketing your book through Publicity, using the power of the Media… Our professional publicist will write a captivating article about you and your book in a press release statement. Then we will submit the said article to online media outlets including Google News, Yahoo, and Bing.

Author Website. A personalized website, professionally done, would definitely give an impression to book buyers that you are really serious about what you do as an author. Essential web pages are present such as About the Author, About the Book, and Contact. Blog Page is also included where you can upload your journal, pictures, and videos with the ability to share your content to Social Media sites.

Facebook Targeted Advertising. As of 2020, approximately seven out of ten American adults use Facebook. So that’s about 69% of the entire US population… We’ll have your book reviewed first. Along with the book cover picture and the link to purchase, we will then advertise your book review to targeted Facebook account holders based on location, age and interest.

BookBub Targeted Advertising. BookBub is an online book discovery service that was created to help readers find new books and authors. As of 2019, it boasts of having more than 15 million book lover subscribers in USA, UK and Canada. With your book cover, a compelling tagline and a link to purchase, your ad will appear to BookBub opted-in email subscribers who are most likely to be interested with the genre of your book as based on their preference.

Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has the largest reach of readers especially in the USA, UK, and other European regions. As it’s been said, If you can’t beat them, join them… If you don’t have the basic computer skills such as cover design and manuscript formatting when publishing a book on KDP, we’re here to do it for you professionally.

Hollywood Screenplay Service. We recently got a partnership with a multi-awarded screenplay writer who has connections with major film Companies… The Movie Industry is currently open for interesting stories from self-published authors. You might have observed that there have been cases in which books of the said authors have been adapted into films by Netflix and HBO. In today’s reality, Film Producers would make a movie based on the book if it’s a New York Times bestseller or authored by a famous personality. The third scenario is when the book is adapted into a screenplay, written and pitched by an experienced screenwriter. This is where we come in.

Book Trailer. Book Trailer is like a teaser or commercial about your book in the form of a high-definition video with moving text, graphics, and real videos of people and scenes. There’s background music to make the video more appealing. The 50-second trailer will let the viewers see a glimpse of your book and the highlights of the story.

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