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Shadows of Passion

by David Scott

Shadows of Passion by David Scott is a historical fiction, blending passionate romance with intriguing crime drama. Set in 1973, the story follows the life of Harold ‘Harry’ Richards, an introverted high school senior and his relationship with his teacher, Cindy La Forge. Frank La Forge, Cindy’s estranged husband is a mid-level engineer at NASA. He is involved in a top-secret project and this attracts KGB’s attention.

He is caught in the web of blackmailing and this invites the FBI’s surveillance. Who will come to the top in this game? Who will prevail and who will suffer?

David Scott has skillfully woven multiple threads of parallel stories in this novel. He has artistically blended various complicated issues such as romance, crime, murders, mental health and drug abuse in a single story.

Harry and Cindy’s romance has multiple layers. This unlikely relationship is perceived as adultery by the outside world. But in reality, they are connected through deepest human emotions which no one else can comprehend.

The intensity of desire for both physical and mental intimacy is portrayed beautifully in the story. These two characters are very well written. Their individuality is explored to a great extent.

How can you complicate a passionate romance? David Scott has the perfect answer: introduce a crime thread to the story. KGB indulges in people’s lives ruthlessly. They don’t care about the lives they crush on the way. They simply see their mission. The author accurately portrays how easily these secret organizations manipulate people for their needs. The plot also sheds light on the psychological techniques they used to manipulate others. The trap is set not only for catching the prey but also for keeping it there for the rest of its life.

The novel displays impeccable storytelling skills. It is essentially a good thriller. It keeps you on the edge of the seat with suspense. You cannot predict the climax. It is unique and befitting to the story. These characters will stay with us even after the closure for sure.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022