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Silent Cry for My Children

by Jeanie J. Breedwell

“It is so strange how people look after their own kids but never anyone else’s.”

In a small town, a little cry was heard in the middle of the night. As the Clarks listened to the soft cries, they wondered if it had something to do with the little neighbor girl they heard from next door.

Turns out it was. Little Susie Shay, only five years old, has been abducted from her home at night. While her mother was away at work and her babysitter left, a man broke into her house and captured her before disappearing. As the mother begged for her little girl to return, several neighbors provided eyewitnesses to the suspects who may have played a hand in the kidnapping. Feeling guilty that they did nothing, the Clarks offered their help to find little Susie Shay. Days passed, and witnesses ranging from high school kids to lonely men from other towns emerged. As time ticks by slowly, the anticipation of getting little Susie Shay back home grows ever stronger.

Unfortunately, she won’t be the only girl who goes missing. In another small town near the Shays lived the Kings, where little Jeanie King was also abducted. Much like Susie, she’s small and also five years old, which gives away the abductor’s pattern. Fortunately, she was found days later and could share her story of how she was saved when she came back home.

A story of safety and working together as a community, the author offers a cautionary tale that parents and children can benefit from. With even pacing and exciting dialogue, “Silent Cry for My Children Book 1” is a definite recommendation for parents hoping to teach their children how faith can help them deal with this terrifying situation.

With several books under her belt, author Jeanie Breedwell showcases the importance of faith, community, and staying strong during tumultuous times. An enticing read, indeed!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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