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Silver Tide

by Jeannie Spafford

Moving on can often seem like a mountain too high to climb. Such is the fate of Shelley Stevens, a recently widowed woman about to move to the coast of Maine. As she prepares her belongings for the move, she finds the mysterious image of a little boy behind her wedding photo.

That’s the enigmatic introduction to The Silver Tide by author Jeannie Spafford. It raises the question of whether the boy could be an illegitimate son of her late husband, Josh. Shelley’s daughters Leah and Rose, as well as her new friend Liz and her best friend Marie, eventually lead her on a quest to find the mysterious boy and to put her former life behind her.

As her family slowly regroups, she gains new members, and romance blossoms again. The boy, Sam, also becomes part of Shelley’s life. But ever since Shelley was confronted with the idea of an estranged child from Josh, she has been haunted by a recurring dream involving the little boy.

This drives her to find out the meaning of this dream and take the next step towards her future. The outcome affects the future of everyone else who is with her.

But make no mistake. The Silver Tide is not a book that belongs to the fantasy genre or features fictional creatures and supernatural things. Jeannie Spafford’s book is a relaxing read that feels like an account of Shelley’s daily life after her colossal loss. Many of the author’s interests are reflected in Shelley’s life, such as a passion for yoga, nature, her unwavering faith in God, and the providence of better, new days. Much like the grandchild Shelley receives through her daughter and the new love she finds in life, the author reminds the reader that there are always new, meaningful moments to experience.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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