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Sketches of a Small Town

by Clifton K. Meador

A memoir, an absolute whirlwind of a read, at times laugh out loud hilarious and at others poignantly sad… I only recently moved to the US, but since I have always had such a keen interest in history, I have been devouring the stories of the country I’ve found myself in.

Never had I imagined that the tales of this land could engage and enthrall me to such an extent, I have often felt as though I could spend a lifetime looking into them and still have countless more to find.

This memoir is a wonderful addition to my journey into the past of the USA, a snapshot of a time that seems so far away but still touches us today. I enjoyed the real and candid insight into the realities of segregation and the insight into life in the deep south for the generations before us. A truly moving, entertaining, and above all, honest, account of a life well and truly lived, a gem for future generations.

– The Moving Words Review


About the Author

Clifton K. Meador has been in Medicine since 1951 when he entered Vanderbilt School of Medicine. He has practiced medicine, taught in medical schools, performed research, published scientific papers, and administered clinical and academic programs for over 60 years since he graduated from medical school in 1955.

He is the author of sixteen books and over 40 peer-reviewed articles in the medical literature. He is a retired Professor of Medicine Emeritus at both Vanderbilt University and Meharry Medical College.