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Spirituality 104: Lessons of Love
from The School of Life

by Ivan Figueroa-Otero

Dr. Iván Figueroa-Otero is a retired pediatric surgeon who has authored the School of Life trilogy. In his latest book, “Spirituality 104: Lessons of Love from the School of Life”, he offers a handy guide on all the lessons from the first three levels.

In the first book, we learn how to become students of the universe and what lessons the great beyond has in store for us. In the second book, we learn to adapt the religious/traditional message to be more technological and cybernetic to relay the message to younger minds. In his third book, we look at the “software corruption” we may have adapted in our journey. How this corruption traps us in mental prisons, and why it may seem we cannot find our happiness in our universal journey.

Long-time readers of his previous works will find this latest guide incredibly helpful as it recapitulates all his lessons in an easy-to-follow format. Nevertheless, first-time readers can also benefit from this handy guide since the author recalls essential lessons for us to catch up without feeling lost or left out.

He also includes fifty-two quotes and practical meditation guides on how we can apply these lessons.

Overall, I love how well-organized the book is and how welcoming it is to readers from all backgrounds. Several quotes included come from several religions while offering a non-judgmental guide on how it can benefit us in the long run. Regardless of your religious affiliation, the author provides a well-rounded and accommodating guide for anyone willing to tackle the more significant questions in life. As students of the universe, we must first learn how to recognize the significance of our duality and how we can use that knowledge to continue our journey.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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