Julie Cox is an inspirational speaker, life coach, missionary and the founder of Soul Change Cottage, Inc.. She’s the author of this inspirational book, I Ordered My Future Yesterday.

When Julie Cox visited Gumaca to meet the cast of Beauty in Darkness, she gave a copy of her book with her autograph to my mom, which later, I get to read completely.

Highly recommended book especially for those who feel that God had abandoned them in their times of darkness. Julie Cox experienced not only once but multiple situations throughout the span of her younger life which are exceptionally challenging. Extreme Poverty, Sickness, Rapes, Hunger, Deprivation, Deceit, Separation from loved ones, Humiliation, Bankruptcy are what made Julie Cox a shining example of a woman of Success, Courage, Strength, Perseverance, Patience, Compassion, Brilliance and much much more. Despite all that she had to go through, she is now living the life of her dreams which are owning a Garden Resort, being an inspirational author and speaker, helping people especially women and children all over Philippines, having found the love of her life, and finding her lost son.

Here, I picked a few excerpts from her book with her permission:

“I’d always dreamed of going to school and learning beyond my years. I was always in the top of my class from first to fourth grade. I went to school with no books and sometimes no pencil or paper-and most of the time with no slippers or shoes. I was the “little girl with no shoes”. I will never forget when I heard there was a famous baseball player over a century ago called “Shoeless Joe Jackson.” (page 4)

“At a very young age, I was different. I was mature for my age, and I had lofty ambitions. Despite my poverty, I believe I could still rise up. I believed I could fly and that I could reach for the sky. Dreams do have the capability to create miracles in your life”  (page 6)

“If a burglar had broken into our house, we would have robbed the burglar. That’s how poor we were!” (page 2)

“I was extremely anemic and would pass out constantly. The doctors told me that I had something called leukemia. They told me I was going to die. I was also raped during this very same year. But you know something? God wasn’t going to let me die, because God had big plans for me, just as He has big plans for you, my dear reader.” (page 8 & 13)

“I endured pain and loneliness, as I did not have daily visits from my relatives or my parents. it was just too far and too expensive to come and visit me. I endured so much pain from all the interns practicing on my veins so they could learn to draw blood the proper way as a case study.” (page 18)

“Surprisingly, the doctors there did not find a trace of cancer. I became a grateful guinea pig. My mother had a lot to do with my recovery. She was my angel. If you can see through your suffering, you will realize that it is also your opportunity for great joy. “ (page 19)

“I believe that I am not in this earth to be just a living breathing thing. I believe God designed a beautiful interesting life for me.” (page 26)

“Just imagine-i was the first person from the whole barrio and even the whole town to go to America during that time. It was like getting lottery ticket with winning numbers. That time it was “no suitcase Julie”. I did not have much clothing to pack.” (page 27)

“My loneliness was killing me. I learned how to sew, I did embroidery, and i wrote letters and poems. I read many books and journals. I educated myself in many aspects of science, medicine and psychology.” (page 28 & 29)

“When my family left me, I took a massive dose of sleeping pills. I woke up being worked on by the doctors trying everything humanly possible to make me survive.” (page 29)

“Would you believe that I have recovered the land my father lost through his gambling?” (this is now the Fil-Am Garden Resort which Julie established for years.” (page 38)

“Love comes from the base of my heart. A great magnetic field five thousand times stronger than the brain. I never thought I’d indulge in my darkness and still have joy and dreams.” (page 39)

“The rape was all planned. Rick even had a hideout where I was kept vritually a prisoner for two months. He forced me to pawn all the jewelry I had been wearing. When Rick discovered I could be pregnant, he beat me up so severely hoping I would have a miscarriage. It did not happen.” (page 88)

“For many years, I was torn by my decision of giving him(her baby) up for a better life. I cried silently at night and wished for him to look for me, as I don’t know where he was. My wish came true after fourteen years. Armand, as I named him, sent me a letter and his pictures. My heart jumped with joy. He came to tell me how hurt he was. It was doubly painful to be told by my own son that I did something wrong when all along it was the other way around.”

“I made up my mind that no man would ever get to sabotage my plan to get ahead in life. For me, men were just interested in my body, and just the thought of going out on a date gives me chills. It was the day, I will remember for the rest of my life. I found what I was not looking for the man who would change my perception of men. He was the man who would become my tower of strength and Rock of Gibraltar.” (page 51 & 52)

“When people see me with a huge smile on my face most of the time, they think my life is perpetually happy.” (page 111)

“I found my peace and my inner strength again. He wanted to see what I was living for and my divine reason of existence. I needed to share my blessings with those unfortunate people around me. He broke me to see the needs of other less fortunate. He wanted me to see that there are other colors in the rainbow.” (page 113)

“One day not long ago, it was so beautiful outside-sunny and bright. I was looking outside the window while ironing what I would wear that day, a beautiful flowered dress. I thought of these words: “Bloom where you are planted.” (page 116)

”I’m a WINNER because I’ve known DEFEAT, HAPPY because I’ve known SORROW, GENEROUS because I’ve known HUNGER and KINDNESS as I’ve experienced CRUELTY. Life is worth living and beautiful as I’ve known HOPELESSNESS and DARKNESS.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpts from her book. May you get the beautiful message that you needed and may we all learn how to order our future yesterday.

(written by Aileen Collo Amparo)

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