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Starting the New Year: It Starts with Us


Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover, photo courtesy of the author

Colleen Hoover has become a best-selling darling with her impressive works, dedicated fanbase, and unique online content accompanying her works. Her works range from a series of Young and New Adult romances that consistently won the Goodreads Choice Awards in their respective genres.

Who is Colleen Hoover?

Born in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Colleen Hoover didn’t start as a writer. She graduated with a degree in social work and has done similar jobs, including teaching, until she started her career as an author. Her first stories were primarily self-published until they gained internet traction among book bloggers and content creators. Since then, her works have consistently topped the New York Times Best Selling list, eventually leading to her working as a full-time writer.

It Ends With Us: A Story of Everything Falling Apart

One of Hoover’s most famous works is her 2016 novel, “It Ends with Us.” Based on the relationship between her parents, Hoover describes the cycle of domestic abuse and the trauma it exacerbates throughout a person’s life. So far, an It Ends with Us movie adaptation is in the works, with fans already having their fan casts and fan-made trailers.

It Starts with Us: A Story of Painful New Beginnings

In 2022, Hoover released the sequel titled “It Starts with Us.” Before it was released in October, the book had set the record for being Simon & Shuster’s most preordered book of all time.

The story immediately picks up on what happened in the last book. Lily, who has lived a life of trauma and pain from domestic abuse, must start over after her divorce. With her first love, Atlas, the two work together to find the reality of relationships and how you must always work towards love.

Compared to the first book, “It Starts with Us” is lighter. While it may not be a standalone book, it does have the potential to introduce new readers to Hoover’s work without missing out on a lot of the main plot. Additionally, the author does a great job of fleshing out Atlas as a character in this story, allowing readers to read into his point of view every so often.

Overall, “It Starts with Us” is a beautiful sequel to the book. It doesn’t sugarcoat trauma but emphasizes the hope that blooms even in a seemingly hopeless wasteland. If you need a sign to start the year with a good read, this is a sign.


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