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Steps to Do Before Writing a Book Review

Nearly everybody can write a book review. While everyone’s format may differ, there are some things that one has to do first before typing away on their blog.

Here are some steps to do first before writing your book review:

  1. Read the entire book first. Not everyone reads the whole book before making each opinion known. While this is fine, professional book reviewers make it a point to read the book from top to bottom. This step is crucial to get a better understanding of the overall plot.
  2. Keep an open mind. Remember that every author has their style, strengths, and challenges.

For instance, a children’s author may not necessarily use the verbal expertise of an author who is writing contemporary literature. That’s not to say that they are incapable, but it’s more of the fact that they are aware of their key audience and, thus, should cater to the demographic’s needs.

  1. Focus on the crucial plot points. This step could be difficult for some casual reviewers because they can either provide a summary that is too vague. On the other hand, they could also offer an exceptionally detailed overview that risks providing spoilers. To avoid this issue, ensure a balanced summary without giving away essential story parts.
  2. Offer suggestions to a potential audience.

Many people may have trouble rounding up their overall book review. One fantastic suggestion to remedy this issue is to offer tips on who may benefit or enjoy the author’s book.

For instance, you can write, “Fans of teenaged leads of fantasy novels will surely appreciate this debut book.” This statement doesn’t group people by age but group them by preference, thus making it more exclusive.

Writing a concise yet entertaining book review can be a daunting task. However, with practice, one can undoubtedly improve one’s skills.

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