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Stunning Children’s Book “The Tale of Tumeleng” Delights Readers

Author Ms. Ryke Leigh Douglas has published a children’s book, “The Tale of Tumeleng,” that is already receiving rave reviews from readers. Her work tells the story of Tumeleng, a young elephant who goes on a journey to discover the beauty and danger of nature and the importance of family along the way.

Tumeleng lives life with her herd and overcomes the obstacles she faces, and along the way, discovers some of the serious challenges and dangers elephants face, elephant hunters or poachers.

With charming illustrations and an uplifting message, this book will surely become a treasured favorite in any child’s library. It is perfect for children ages 4-10 and is ideal for parents and caregivers looking for a heartwarming story to share with their little ones.

With its stirring themes of courage and friendship, The Tale of Tumeleng is sure to become an instant favorite among readers of all ages. So bring your heart and mind along for the ride—you won’t be disappointed!

Ms. Ryke Leigh Douglas is an accomplished author who has published several books. Her latest work is a testament to her talent and dedication to creating meaningful stories that inspire and delight children.

For this volume, the author worked with young kids fascinated by elephants. “The Tale of Tumeleng is the one I am most proud of,” Ms. Ryke Leigh Douglas said. “For some children, reading is difficult—not everybody is born with the skills it takes to read. And I especially like working with those children, which is why I wrote this book.”

This 54-page story will captivate young minds with its fictional characters and illustrations. It is an excellent opportunity to help children learn more about one of nature’s most majestic animals and the dangers they face today. For example, look at this excerpt from a review by The Moving Words: “To some, if not many, elephants could be one’s favorite animal as they are just enormous majesties, beautiful, kind, united, and friendly. Such great values as these should be passed along to the children.”

This book is available in hardcover, softcover, and e-book formats at Amazon and already has a lot of positive reviews with an average rating of 4-5 stars.

Douglas’s writing skills program, “The Writer’s Tool Box,” encourages children to develop their writing skills and will help to foster a new generation of storytellers. When she is not writing, Douglas enjoys visiting schools, museums, libraries, and early learning centers to share her stories and encourage children. In addition, the author has a Facebook page where you can contact her and read her latest posts.


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