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Taker Of The Shroud


Michele Wallace Campanelli

Michele Wallace Campanelli delivers an exciting yet brief continuation of her “Keeper of the Shroud Series.” In the sequel, “The Taker of the Shroud,” Prince Louis Vincent suffers a devastating wound on his side after battling with his enemy.

After reaching Valtearea in time, he warns his brother, King Delaney, of the enemy’s goal to seize Christ’s burial shroud and sell it for profit. Unfortunately for Valterea, Lightenwood’s army aims to get the job done and burn Valtearea to ashes before taking the shroud and Princess Bella, Prince Louis’ wife.

Prince Louis passes out in his hidden chamber after succumbing to his wound from the early battle. However, before he can succumb to being burned to the ground along with the castle, a guardian named Brodan saves him from his doom and leads him to safety as Brodan urges Louis to find the shroud. Louis’ rage at losing his home and the abduction of his wife led him to adopt a disguise as a blacksmith and find King Lightenwood himself.

Fueled by his determination to take his wife back while questioning his faith and role as the keeper, Prince Louis’ must find a way to avoid straying from his position while keeping his remaining family members safe.

The author offers an exciting sequel to the series. Despite being a brief read, Miss Campanelli manages to weave an intriguing narrative that showcases her character’s compelling personalities and dynamics without difficulty. Readers who have experienced a bump in their faith will find Prince Louis’ predicament relatable as he stops at nothing to save his wife. Despite being a prisoner against her will, Princess Bella displays great tenacity and inner resolve while facing great danger—making her a truly inspirational female character. I like how she also makes every character sympathetic, including King Lightenwood, who has a complicated past with Prince Louis.

In addition to these well-written characters, the shroud itself is a compelling symbol that ties everyone together. Much like the Holy Grail and its significance in Arthurian Legend, Christ’s burial shroud has been revered for centuries, making it a significant part of Christian history.

Fans of adventures set in the Crusades era, sweeping romances, and solid yet relatable characters will undoubtedly find this book a worthwhile read you can’t help but reread after you’ve finished. Whether you’re a believer or not, “The Taker of the Shroud” is a beautiful story that can be enjoyed by many.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024