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The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel

by Phillip Parcheminer

A very personal and inspiring read which is a touching memoir that amalgamates the themes of spirituality and self-help. It is a poignant and true story of the author Phillip Parcheminer, navigating the pits of darkness and making it through the adversities.

The book opens with him coming across an angel whom he calls the beautiful blonde library angel one day, without the knowledge of how it was going to change his life. The storyline explores how this encounter made him reclaim his confidence and physical well-being to start with.

As the plot proceeds, we as readers witness how this ultimately sets him to the path of writing and leads him to the start off his spiritual reawakening.  The narrative of the story is extremely intriguing and personal.

His experiences with social anxiety rings close to the heart. Following his two-and-a-half-year journey so closely was transformational for me and was extremely thought provoking.

The story held my interest from the very beginning. It has a spot-on introduction and I constantly wanted to find out where it goes. It was extremely well paced and the writing flows fluently. It was really inspirational and probes one to wonder how a sudden encounter or muse can sometimes steer you in the right direction or has the power to pull you out of the darkest times. The writing is simple, suits the genre and is easy to follow. Definitely provides readers with a wholesome and soothing reading experience.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


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About the Author

The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel is about my spiritual journey to being reborn. This spiritual journey started with the discovery of The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel. The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel was to be my guiding light out of my fall into my pit of darkness. My fall into my pit of darkness was due to the return of my migraines that were to lead me to losing out on my future as a truck driver.

My losing out on my future as a truck driver meant my returning to work, and returning to work meant a return to dealing with humanity and my social anxiety. My fall into my pit of darkness was about my seeing no hope for a brighter future. Then I started my spiritual journey of rebirth. This spiritual journey of being reborn is about how The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel led to my passion for writing.