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The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah


Prince, Beverly C.


In a new world divided by “levels” stood a man above them all. Deemed as “The Oneness,” whose head was larger than most, he was the leader of the clan known as the “colorless.” The latter are people whose skin had not developed the cells that provided deep pigmentation to their skin, eyes, and hair. In a world where civilization occurred underground after a cataclysmic event, it seemed unlikely that being close to the sun was deemed necessary for survival.

Nevertheless, there were other clans of people with varying degrees of pigmentation. Some of which had their system of cultural heritage, beliefs, and virtues. Despite the clear differences, both clans have managed to live together in harmony with the least amount of bloodshed.

“The Cabala of the Cushite, Zephaniah” is a fantastic allegory that aligns with human history, modern society, technological advancement, religion, mysticism, and other aspects of human civilization. Despite the clear evidence that history has once again repeated its points of conflict as evidenced through the history between clans, readers can’t help but feel a fresh new take on the story, all thanks to the protagonist whose enlightenment makes him stand out.

Zephaniah, a Cushite half a century old, has awakened after a head injury. While thrust into a new world that replaces the old, his spiritual ascension allows him to navigate through his experiences easily but not without a few obstacles.

Beverly C. Prince creates an enthralling world that no less takes inspiration from many sources. From the ancient Cabalistic system to astrology and even tarot cards, the author does not shy away from her influences and creates a dense world filled with imagination that is somehow still grounded.

Aside from impressive world-building, the plot is also engaging as the author makes sure we get deep into the lore and the characters’ minds to get a fully-realized experience. The writer also showcases her writing prowess, creating not just a mesmerizing world but a narrative that sinks into your mind and keeps you engaged until the end.

Suppose you’re looking for a fantasy adventure focusing on the metaphysical or religious realm with sci-fi elements. In that case, this is the story for you.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024