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The Danger of Sunday Worship: “Come Out of Her My People”


Hilton Napoleon

Hilton Napoleon writes a compelling evidence-based argument on celebrating Sabbath Day in his book, “The Danger of Sunday Worship: “Come Out of Her My People.”

As a son of a Tennessee Missionary Baptist Church pastor, the author is no stranger to attending Sunday mass every week. Growing up, he became familiar with the scriptures and lessons that the church taught to many believers. Since then, he married and continued the tradition of going to church every Sunday with his family, never questioning whether it was the actual day of the Sabbath.

The first time he had any discussion on the day of the Sabbath was after talking with a childhood friend in his adult years. His childhood friend, a Seventh-day Adventist, worshipped on the Sabbath day, which falls on a Saturday.

Since then, the author made it a point to research the “true” day of the Sabbath. From purchasing books on the subject, attending a prophecy conference, and chatting with various pastors of different denominations, the author’s investigative nature shines through as he seeks the ultimate answer to his question.

Nevertheless, the book is not just about how he came to find the answer of when the Sabbath is, but the importance of keeping the day holy. Considering it is the fourth commandment out of the ten commandments and a day that Jesus and his disciples continued to honor—he knew the significance it had when we worship God on the right day.

So, why did the day of the Sabbath change? If we were supposed to worship God on Saturday, why do so many religious leaders and churches emphasize going to church on Sundays? The book also answers these questions as the author immediately ensures no stone is left unturned. Throughout the author’s discovery, he also encourages pastors and leaders to reflect on this practice, urging them not to “lean on their own understanding” but through God’s ultimate word.

While the Day of Sabbath continues to be debated among various Christian denominations, the author gives compelling reasons why believers should honor the Lord’s Day as intended. When you take the time to read his reasoning and how he came to such conclusions, you’ll undoubtedly see things from a new, enlightening, and refreshing perspective.

In a nutshell, “The Danger of Sunday Worship” is a well-written, intelligent, and reflective work on why we need to keep God’s day. If you’re looking for the answer as to why it’s important to honor the Sabbath, this book can certainly give you the answers and more!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024