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The Easter Skunk


Renatta Lynn

Spring is coming soon, and Bob, the Easter Bunny, is not looking forward to the holiday. Years of painting eggs, leaving chocolates, and hiding from children had left him exhausted. Just once, he would like to spend this year’s holiday on a solo trip to Myrtle Beach.


After finally taking a giant leap of courage, he posted an online ad searching for this year’s “substitute bunny.” With the promise of free chocolate and an opportunity of a lifetime, he hoped that anybunny could apply.


Surprisingly, Bob’s ad wasn’t getting the traction he had hoped. Fortunately, a single applicant finally showed up at his little house in the burrow. With a long bushy tail and a distinct smell, it was clear to Bob that this wasn’t “anybunny.” In short, he wasn’t even a bunny at all, but a skunk!


As the first-ever Easter Skunk, can JP rise to the occasion and leave his mark? You’ll have to read to find out!


Author Renatta Lynn writes a fun and humorous story about a skunk’s unique dream. Complete with standout illustrations by Shyra A. Robinson, “The Easter Skunk” tackles several life lessons for every reader. Some lessons include working hard for your community, keeping your word, standing up for yourself, and giving people second chances.


This book stands out from the rest because of its uniquely humorous narrative style. The unique friendship between JP and Bob brings heart into the book, making it a memorable read for children ages 9-12. While it’s a quintessential children’s book, there is no doubt that anybunny at any age can appreciate this quirky tale.

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