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The Lost Keys of Mechanism


Alexis T. Alexander

Mechanism, as defined by the author, is “a system of morality or a system of deep ethical and spiritual instruction.” To become fully conscious of its teachings, one must understand the deep-seated lessons wrapped up in allegories and symbols. However, many of said symbols and lessons have been lost in time, which can prevent others from achieving their fullest potential.

Author Alexis T. Alexander aims to provide a handy guide to the essential teachings of Mechanism. In his book, “The Lost Keys of Mechanism,” he explains the nature and intricate rituals of the study. Considering it is a progressive science or knowledge, instructors must teach its lessons orderly for its value to take effect.

It’s also important to note that Mechanism is not a religion, nor does it take its place. However, it does concern itself with spirituality and morality. Fortunately, the author does a great job of explaining the nuances and intricacies of said science. Through patience, he was able to explain the importance of symbolism, process, and how meanings can get lost without overwhelming readers.

Nevertheless, the author does include familiar passages from the Christian Bible. Many of these allegories and events play a significant role in Mechanism because the latter is all about decoding symbols and allegories. In addition to its explanations, the book also consists of illustrations that help readers visualize the fundamental aspects of Mechanism.

Considering that the subject can get complicated, “The Lost Keys of Mechanism” offers a great reference guide to many enlightenment seekers.

Comprehensive yet fascinating, “The Lost Keys of Mechanism”  is a unique read that encourages individuals to seek answers in a more grounded yet practical way. With various symbols that have since lost their meaning and significance, the author does a great job of bringing light to their different essences concisely yet pragmatically.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023