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The Mars Genesis

by Uwe Jaeckel

If science cannot make sense of any mysterious event, people would usually consider it a superstitious belief. In Uwe Jaeckel’s page-turning science fiction story The Mars Genesis, people are aware of the Mars expedition and believe it to be true. It starts with Colonel Hildure and his crew landing on Mars in 2040. A series of disappearances then encourage many investigations that intensify the journey of unifying the Earth, revealing conspiracies, and the well-known individuals behind the prevention of the call to unify, which all happen during and after the wedding of General Feng, companion of Colonel Hildure.

Conspiracy theories involving scientific references and the involvement of federal agencies catering to aeronautics and intelligence may intrigue readers. With the execution of telepathy to critical discussion of climate issues behind doors, the book may be fictional but realistically presents the inclusion of realistic occurrences of scientists, politicians, and other relevant people who will have an interest in improving the technological situation and their well-being will go to another planet which can make create a new and improved kind of life.

The potential of women as fighters and clever agents makes the story even more interesting. Beyond suspense after several revelations and connecting the dots, the story can consistently engage the readers to keep turning the pages.

With author Jaeckel’s brilliant writing that clarifies present and flashback stories, the explanation of planetary and other operational concepts within Mars and in general the space is informative and descriptive enough. The additional wits and touches of sarcasm in some conversations of the characters make the story engaging which will keep the readers wanting for more. The writing is good and clever, and so is the overall story.

Being critical and open to any possibilities, are just two of the many lessons that the book offers. With the staggering cases of environmental and political issues in the world, this book can bring any reader who would want to witness expeditions and personal journeys to the lane of connectivity between life on Earth and on Mars, or other planets.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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