The Moving Words Awards

Introducing our first: THE MOVING WORDS AWARDS

On January 5, 2021, we will be awarding two grand prizes: The Most Moving Novel Book and The Most Moving Inspirational Book. These two authors will receive publishing and marketing services worth $4,000. I know it’s not much but I guess it’s a good start where we give special recognition to authors who have poured over their time, efforts and talent to come up with a moving book… How does it work?

1. Interested authors who firmly believe that their books have the moving content will submit the PDF file or Microsoft word document of their books. Just fill up the form below and attach the said file.

    The questions is… What does it take for your book to be considered as Moving? The answer is simple. As long as you, yourself, the author, intensely feel that the message of your book can move and galvanize readers’ minds and hearts, then you have it what takes.

    Check our interesting entries here who have joined so far.

    2. Your book will be thoroughly read by our professional reviewers. Thereafter, the reviewer will write a non-biased and honest critique. Along with the book cover and link to purchase, the book review will be posted on our website and Facebook. So while waiting for the announcement of the winner, this is good exposure of your book to our followers which could possibly lead to book sales on your end or getting discovered by book investors. We will also give you an image with the excerpt of the review on it which you can use in your own personal marketing activities to entice your potential buyers. With this service, there’s a $195 fee.

    The Moving Words 2021 Awards

    Inclusions: 1. Professional Review of your book. 2. Exposure of your review at the and our Facebook page along with the book cover and link to purchase. 3. Image with the excerpt of the review on it. 4. Chance to win The Moving Words 2021 Award.

    195.00 $

    (We’re partnering with PayPal, one of the most trusted and secured payment processors in the world )

    Whether the review is positive, negative, mixed or neutral, this is still good publicity for your book compared to no one is talking about it. You need professional assessment of how you did with your written works as this will be a learning tool for you, if you need to improve your craft or be more confident in investing further in marketing your book.

    3. Deadline will be on Dec. 21, 2020. The announcement of the two grand winners will be posted here on our website and Facebook on Jan. 4, 2021. Then we will contact the two authors on how their prizes will be fulfilled.

    Our company stands true to its name, The Moving Words. We believe that authors are one of the most powerful persons in this world. When their writings have become evolved in the sense of inspiring humanity to move in a better position whether personally, socially, politically or spiritually, then I, myself, given the chance to meet them, would bow down in deep respect and admiration.

    We need more evolved authors nowadays especially in these trying times where we search for answers in order to be guided to tread the right path. When we are in the right path, I tell you, we realize it’s so beautiful to live in this world.