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The Easter Skunk

This book stands out from the rest because of its uniquely humorous narrative style. The unique friendship between JP and Bob brings heart into the

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Down Coon Hollow Road

by Joy Gradert Award-winning author Joy Gradert writes a heartwarming tale of friendship and family in her book, “Down Coon Hollow Road.” In the fall of 1988

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Rocking Dog Between Door

The book is written with simple phrases and free-flowing verses, making it a simple read for beginners. Children who communicate with simple terms and questions

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Skyler’s Invisible Thread

by Seana Coughlin “Earth Angels have special qualities in their heart that keep them connected to Heaven while they live on earth.” Author Seana Coughlin

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by Zane Kaylani Humans  have long fled from Earth when the planet can no longer sustain life through bio-planes. These bio-planes were like artificial continents

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My Worst Date

by David Leddick “But when you’re in love, you kind of live in two levels. Your imaginary one, and on track two, you sort of

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Do Angels Cry

This short yet magical story explains an angel’s empathy. While heavenly angels are different from humans, they can understand the nature of the heart.

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