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Classroom Chess

Chess is one of the oldest games in history, dating back almost 1,500 years. As a game with a rich cultural heritage and iconic figures,

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My Sister My Twin

Despite being twins, Kate and Alex Carter was anything but alike. Growing up, Kate had always been the more responsible one, while Alex was the

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A Roof Against the Rain

JoEllen Collins writes about love, loss, and finding love again. In “A Roof Against the Rain,” we learn about the life of Juliet Barnes, who

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A Reluctant Pioneer

The book explores the many struggles that women back then faced. Despite the opportunities presented to the Miltons, the move to the west was anything

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A Life of Faith

“Barbara Vinson lived a colorful life filled with ups and downs. As she pens her autobiography in “A Life of Faith,” one characteristic remains—her unwavering

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To Finish the Course

Author Ardyce Miller-Templeman pens a historical novel based on the events of Christ’s post-ascension. The author explores the growing tensions between believers in the Roman

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