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The Three Top-Selling Genres for Books

One of the best features of books, in general, is that they come in various genres. From fiction to non-fiction, they also incorporate “subgenres,” which further divide stories according to the themes and messages they convey. Despite digital formats becoming a norm in today’s market, physical books still remain a sellable item. Here are the top selling genres today:

  1. Romance

These stories deal with love, relationships, and sometimes even sexual relations between characters. From coping with first love to showcasing a mature couple, the romance genre continues to sweep the nation with heart-pumping stories.

This genre continues to be a best-selling genre with notable authors like Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, and Nora Roberts.

  1. Crime and Mystery

People who love a fast-paced story with exciting twists and a conspiracy brought into the mix will undoubtedly love crime novels. Like these types are mystery novels, which enable readers to solve the puzzle from the book’s first page to the last. Some prevalent authors that have made bank with this genre include Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, and Agatha Christie.

  1. Inspirational or Religious

Inspirational books are usually non-fiction because they encourage readers to deal with their problems head-on. Books written by Stephen Covey dealing with people, and even the famous fairytale “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, continue to fly off the shelves. This is because they encourage, inspire, and motivate people to achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

These top three genres continue to dominate the shelves of many bookshops worldwide. If you are a writer considering writing for any of these genres, we highly encourage you to find your “niche” and create a tale in your own way. It also helps to have an experienced marketing team to get your books to a broader audience. Good luck and happy writing!

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