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The Trailer, A Yogi’s Handbook, authored by Christopher Salomone

An easy to read handbook of spiritual teachings compiled from many years of study from almost every tradition. It is a narration of personal spiritual growth derived from the application of these principles as well as a guide or handbook for the spiritual growth of the reader. This spiritual text leads to the greater realization of Truth, that will serve as a gift to all readers of this text. It will lead the reader from darkness to the light, from ignorance to insight, from shackled limitations to open and clear freedom, and from being a student to becoming a Noble One – one who has transcended all knowledge to come to the Ultimate Truth.

Uncover the wisdom that lies deep within you revealing enlightenment’s simplicity and accessibility to all in “A Yogi’s Handbook: A Condensed Practical Presentation of Wisdom.” Embrace a journey towards self-discovery and universal connection. Discover the universe’s evolution and our planet’s connection to it. Enlightenment awaits you.

A beautiful guide for people looking to explore beyond physical concepts and experiences.

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