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The Trailer – “TURNING NEW PAGES” by Alla Kaluzhny

Discover the soul’s journey through friendship in “Turning New Pages” by Alla Kaluzhny. Dive into stories of past lives, spiritual connections, and enduring bonds that transcend time. This heartfelt exploration of relationships invites you to reflect on your own connections and the deeper meanings they hold. Uncover the magic of friendship and the eternal dance of existence. Available now!

This is a book that lingers in your thoughts, sparks curiosity, and opens your heart to boundless possibilities. You are not alone, your journey never ends, you are many things—a healer, a teacher, a friend, and an eternal traveler.

The Moving Words Review

“Turning New Pages” is the second book in a series dedicated to Healing Memories of the author’s past lives. These memories are stored on the cellular level, thus becoming the root cause of multiple challenges affecting our present life and often triggered subconsciously without us ever recognizing their role. In this book, the author tells stories of her treasured friendships and the possibility of her and her friends reincarnating together in this current life. Like a “spiritual archaeologist,” she “digs and excavates” layers of personal history, and like pieces of a puzzle, she assembles them, thus creating a collage of their past lives.

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