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Things to Include in Your Book Review

Nearly everyone considers themselves a critic these days. However, not all critics are equal and don’t follow the same format.

If you are considering writing a book review for your blog or pleasure, here are some essential parts to include in your book review:

1. Include a summary of the story without spoilers

One of the fundamental reasons potential readers look for reviews before buying a book is because they want to know the gist of the story.

For certain books that garnered a lot of hype, marketers will not include a book’s synopsis at the back or in the eBook’s description. While this has become an ongoing trend recently, book reviewers can help fill this gap by providing a book summary.

Nevertheless, avoid spoilers so potential readers can enjoy the experience of the story themselves.

2. Provide the strengths of the overall book. 
Most people believe that book reviews only include a person’s opinion and whether they like it or not. While that is true to some degree, overall personal opinions don’t provide much context to the audience.

However, adding elements like what parts of the book you like could make your review stand out from the rest. Some factors to consider are the writing style, the characterization, and the way the author utilizes well-known tropes.

3. Include lines that stand out from the rest.

Adding a snippet of certain lines in the book provides the audience with a view of the author’s writing style. Nevertheless, make sure such lines are relevant to the story’s plot. That way, it could be an additional element to your comprehensive review.

4. Keep your words clear and concise.

Strangely enough, while people look for online reviews, they don’t necessarily want to read through pages and pages of word salad. The best reviews online are often written simply with clear and concise words. So, before you hit that publish button, edit and proofread your review first.

Anyone can write a great review, but it does take practice and time. For authors looking to have a more well-rounded review of their work, consider contacting a professional review service with more experience. Good luck!
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