Thomas O’Buck

Eternal Life: A Question of Honor by Thomas O’Buck is a spiritual book which according to Rafa Peterson, an Amazon book reviewer, can boost one’s faith and so highly recommended for everyone.

Eternal Life is a comprehensive study of Biblical scripture. The study defines, characterizes, and shows the existence of Eternal Life. The book shows the teachings of Christ himself to the men he chose as apostles as well as to the crowds. It shows what he witnessed to the apostles he chose after he was resurrected. It also shows what the men delivered to the church after Christ himself ascended. The book also deals with the Whole Armor of God and its application in a Christian’s everyday life. These notes and teachings are the foundation for everything I teach and share with others.

This writer has concluded that the material was written is far more important than the person presenting it. Any attempt to declare the writer’s personal importance would only corrupt and demean the work presented. The writer is no more or less important than any other living being. Therefore, this writer is presented to you as an ordinary man, a father of grown children, and a man with an extraordinary message – Eternal Life.

Worth purchasing the book on Amazon.