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Tibby and His Friend's Big Secret

by Carl Kegerreis

Author Carl E. Kegerreis writes a compelling book about a boy, his dog, his best friend, their class bully now turned friend, and a mysterious redhead girl and her little brother.

In his book, “Tibby and His Friend’s Big Secret,” the main character, Tibby, is a newspaper boy who lives in a village with his mom and his white male shepherd dog, Starber.

One day while going on his paper route to deliver newspapers, he discovers an old spooky mansion. Rumor has it that the Morcort’s mansion is haunted, and no one has lived there for several years until now.

Strange things have been happening around the house lately. From seeing a mysterious redhead girl and her brother to meeting an otherworldly creature who is the commander of the Winggots, Tibby and his best friend, Rex, may encounter an adventure of a lifetime.

The book touches on themes like friendship, imagination, and overcoming your fears to do what is right. Every page comes with excitement and adventure, and as I flip through the pages, I can’t help but want to read more of Tibby’s experiences.

While the book is recommended for advanced beginner readers ages 9 to 12, mature readers can surely benefit from its premise. The author effortlessly shifts the simplicity of the village setting to whimsical and exciting with a few words, making it an overall compelling read. Readers can also expect a surprise activity at the end of the book, which is beneficial for teachers and parents who wish to bond with their kids.

In short, I highly recommend this book as a starter read for children. With creative characters, a fun adventure, and engaging activity, there is no doubt that the book will teach young readers how to use their creative imagination to the fullest.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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